Nzei Support Staff In Schools Collective Agreement – Grade C...




3.1.2 Subject to clause 3.1.3 below, the employer of this management group may, by mutual agreement (for existing workers who already meet the criteria already met) or at the sole discretion of the employer (worker designated for the place or after June 27, 2014). There was an error in the PUMS notification sent last week. For the record, co-ordinator roles are not part of the teacher-help pay equity requirement, they are covered by the administrative staff pay equity application, which is currently in the process of studying the pay equity process. The assistant pays equity for teachers and all those who do the work of teaching assistants, as described in the salary assistance matrix, even if the role is called something else, as a “learning assistant”. PuMs are therefore reserved only for teachers. This means that employees covered by these collective agreements who work in a night camp or school trip must be paid at minimum wage rates for these accommodation periods, whether they are in good standing or not. These PUMs are intended to help teachers understand the translation and demotion process and receive advice. Teachers in remote schools meet via Zoom – NZEI Te Riu Roa advises members of these schools directly on the details of the zoom call. There will also be the usual large assemblies on a regional basis. 3.7.1 In the event of an appointment, workers may be placed at any time within the limits of the upper and lower rates in the grade applicable to the position. Among the factors to be considered in deciding the actual starting sentence, NZSTA recommends that schools and Kura work with their teachers and that they now work to prepare for the transition to the new pay equity scales. The collective agreement of support staff in the 2019-22 school collective and the collective agreement of therapists, ATSSD and special teaching assistants 2019 – 22 have introduced new requirements for the payment of support staff who, overnight, travel to camps and school trips. These new payments are now mandatory in the area of labour law [see: The Ministry of Education`s 2019/12 School Circle.

Teacher Aide Pay Equity billing is an important step in the industry and recognizes the value these employees place on their school communities. Boards of directors and boards of directors are required to plan their staff to ensure that they maintain benefits during this period.