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For the purposes of this section 40.5, the term “contract pending” refers to a written contract in good faith which (i) provides for the sale of the premises by the lessor to a person other than the person related to the lessor at a sale price at least equal to the value assessed and (ii) a date for the conclusion of such a sale , which must take place within 90 days of the date of such a contract. Outstanding Agreement I submitted my first application to iTunes connect and I get this outstanding agreement under App Store status. I checked the agreements, the taxes and the banks, and I filed a contract, but I`m waiting for them to approve the tax information, so that`s what stops them? When I click on it, the file size indicates it, I`m 100MB larger. Does my app hold because the application file size is about 626.2 Mb and I don`t know how to reduce the size. It`s in New Universal format, but I copied it in an ultimate configuration format and it was about the same file size. So I`m not sure what I should do here. No fun, check your developer agreement on the Member Center to see if anything there needs your attention. There are no levels not to publish. I meant reducing the quality or size of the files in the .png by hand.

I took all the files .png of the image folder and compressed each of them to reduce them. I`ve also thought about reducing the application, but I don`t know how to do it outside of Xcode, and I don`t know how to open a Corona Sdk project in Xcode. I just want my app to be much smaller and the images to record most mb. I`ll start all over again and create the app in a different way if it helps. maybe a completely stupid question, but I haven`t been able to find a simple and clear answer to this question, which means exactly if my application is in the outstanding agreement status? Is it because my account has expired and I can`t remove my app from the App Store until I renew my subscription? For several days, my App Store Connect dashboard displays my app as a “pending agreement.” I searched the site and the only agreement I found was the license agreement. Is that what Apple wants me to file again? There is a definitive status that depends on Apple: is there a way to further reduce Png files without entering the Build4 Assets folder and reducing Png files individually by hand? I should have reduced it before launching the app, and I can do it with future apps, but I`d rather not repeat this app from the beginning. When you connect to iTunes Connect, the main page will show “The following contracts have expired: iOS Paid Applications.”

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