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I am still puzzled that the agreement does not fully understand the legal ones that underlie it. It seems that your Uns Ison fund immediately returns 9% more if you use it to pay the hero loan or part of it. That`s not bad! You may lose most of the esteem of your home if you or your heirs sell, so you have to decide if appreciation is important. Don`t know your whole situation, I can`t guess, but if I was 80 with a 9% loan to pay and a dramatic increase in property taxes, I think Unison was perfect for me. By giving an investor a piece of ownership of your property, you can tap into the equity of your home without borrowing – or even double your down payment for a new home. This is a common appreciation agreement: you actually allow a silent partner to take part in your home. I do not agree with your premise. I used Unison and the expert was spot on. I am 77 years old and I find that receiving the money now and never making a payment was attractive…

Yes, they make money in the ideal market, but have no influence on my life… If in 30 years of house estimated 30,000 they receive 18,000 of the victory that I would not get because I will be dead. My children always receive esteem plus the value of the house. My house is going to sell for $250,000, but I don`t owe anything… unison gets their share and my children receive about 203,000… Equity loans cost 4 to 6 percent plus monthly payment of about 400….Yes, I pay an exorbitant amount of interest, but I can use that 400 a month for a better quality of life for me and my spouse. The transaction is guaranteed as a loan, but does not require a monthly payment. When you close the term of the contract, you will reimburse the company for the advance it has granted you, as well as a percentage of the added value of your value. See my comment below because I had a client in Los Gatos who entered into a unification agreement.

I`m a mortgage broker in the SF Bay area, and I initially thought it was a pretty cool tool for home ownership, but after seeing it in action and trying to pay the deal, it was shocking. Essentially received 101K and 3 years later went to Unison payment and payment s. 322K . Shared application agreements allow you to access the property in exchange for some of the future increase in the value of your property. For creditworthy borrowers, home loans or HELOC are the best choice. It will be the worst financial mistake I have ever made, and I am not quite sure how I can get over it, or how best to leave, which is in my best interest to get out of this agreement with them. I wasn`t in financial stress and terrible when I got the loan just trying to consolidate the bills and pay other debtors. The sales agent convinced me that this was the perfect option for me, but that was clearly not the case. I didn`t really understand that I had traded my house for this loan.

I know they say it is not yet considered a loan in email correspondence with my lender I am trying to refinance, they receive it as a loan. The maximum duration of the Unison HomeOwner Agreement is 30 years. However, the agreement usually ends when the owner sells the property. The Unison HomeOwner agreement is supposed to be a long-term deal. If the owner sells the property within the first three years and there is a loss due to fair market conditions, Unison will not share that loss.