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Benefits of entering into a co-counsel agreement: Conversely, some clients may not understand why co-counsel is involved. As a general rule, in this scenario, a client may have many questions about why the co-advisor is needed, what role he will play in the case, how he will be paid, how much he will be paid, when he is paid, etc. It is up to the lawyer to deal with this issue with his client and to do his best to move forward in the case. On the basis of these rules of ethics, not only can a lawyer who exercises the right to the person be associated with fees as a co-counsel with another lawyer in another law firm, but also lawyers who work in the field of family law, criminal law, real estate or another specialty. , and who collectively participate in the personal injury and participation in the eventual costs incurred by the case. The percentage of the fee owed to the co-counsel should not be commensurant to the extent of the work done in the litigation. In other words, a lawyer can collect 30%, 40% or even 50% of the tax in a case without having his name on the briefs or perform one of the “trial work”. Normally, the only role of our co-counsel in this matter is to maintain the relationship with the client. However, we recognize the importance of this role and understand that the allocation of royalties between co-commissions should reflect the value of this service. You can enter into a co-counsel agreement on any type of case, be it medical malpractice, product liability, pharmaceutical rights, car accidents, including accident benefits, long-term disability claims, civil liability or municipal liability.

Overall, how clients respond to the proposal for a co-association consultant really depends on the nature of the client, the nature of the case and why co-counsel is needed. In order to continue to provide our clients and beyond a welcome follow-up, we briefly summarized how Karlin-Karlin challenges remittances and co-counsel agreements. We also explain what our approach means for clients and lawyers who are interested in working with our team on various issues throughout the legal process. “You were a co-counsel in a case of severe liability where the client was paralyzed at the time of the accident. After accepting numerous filings and preparing the case for trial, the matter was settled and I received a seven-figure fee as part of the consultation. It was an amazing result. -S. Bader, the worker`s lawyer comp “A businessman of me was injured in a truck accident. We worked with FG to represent him, and eventually the matter was settled for a significant amount. I always keep my eyes open on a case to bring them as a co-adviser. A. Webb, Business Litigator The best way to deal with a situation in which clients react negatively is simply to try to explain to the client that it is in the client`s best interest to participate in a co-counsel agreement. The main factor is that co-counsel agreements are discussed with the client.